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$1.3 Trillion by 2035"
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"Net Zero Energy Buildings Are Coming - 
What About The Buildings Already Standing?"
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"The Future of Energy is Net Zero Energy!" sm

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Homeowners, Business Owners and Commercial Building Owners;

Install our Net Zero Energy System
sm and
ZERO out your energy bill from your electric utility!

* Zero up-front cost for most homeowners and businesses in Austin, Texas and California 

* Replace the "brown power" from central power plants and generate your own clean power and renewable energy that your home or business needs with our Net Zero Energy System sm

* YOU OWN the Net Zero Energy System sm from Day 1, not some other company.

* This is NOT a "Solar Lease" scheme or a "Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)."

* YOU own ALL of the benefits of YOUR Net Zero Energy System sm from Day 1, including;

30% Investment Tax Credit
5 year Accelerated Depreciation
* Free Power and Energy

What is "Net Zero Energy?"

Net Zero Energy - when applied to a home or commercial building, simply means that they generate as much power and energy as they consume, when measured on an annual basis.

The U.S. Army now has a Net Zero Energy initiative to help reduce/eliminate America's use of foreign oil  - particularly oil from muslim/middle-east countries - which saves the lives of our brave soldiers in the military.


Homeowners and Business Owners located in Riverside County and Coachella Valley
from Ontario to La Quinta and Coachella, and cities in-between, including; Cathedral City, 
Fontana, La Quinta, Ontario, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, San Bernardino, Thousand Palms...

Upgrade your Home or Commercial Building in these cities to "Net Zero Energy"
and ELIMINATE your monthly energy expenses!

For most homeowners and business owners (in most areas of California)
we can install a Net Zero Energy System
sm for no up-front cost!

YOU OWN your new Net Zero Energy System sm and ALL of its' benefits 
including Investment Tax Credit, Accelerated Depreciation
and the "Free Power and Energy*" it produces, FROM DAY 1!

* Free Power and Energy is generated after Net Zero Energy System sm cost has been paid for.
For most clients, we design the Net Zero Energy system to "zero out" their monthly electric bills.

This is NOT a "Solar Lease" SCHEME 
or a 
"Power Purchase Agreement!"


Net Zero Energy Buildings Are Coming - What About The Buildings Already Standing?


Net Zero Energy

Buildings of the Future  *  Energy Master Planning  Solar Cogeneration  Solar Thermal Systems

"Changing the Way the World Makes and Uses Energy"







Desert Hot Springs, California
Renewable Energy Institute
February 12, 2015

Britanny West, the developer for Desert Rose is planning to build the 196 Net Zero Energy Homes in both a sustainable and autonomous manner.  This means the homeowners will NOT be connected to the electric grid (SoCal Edison) and will not receive monthly electric bills from SoCal Edison.  According to the developer, the electric grid is no longer needed because of a proprietary Solar Cogeneration / Heat Engine system that generates more clean power and renewable energy than needed by the families living in the new development.  The surplus electric power will be stored in the community's battery energy storage system.  The surplus hot water will be stored in a large tank which is insulated, much like a large thermos and referred to as a thermal energy storage system. 

All of the power and energy required by the 196 homeowners at the Desert Rose community will be produced via a decentralized energy solution run by the energy from the sun. The Solar Cogeneration energy system at the Desert Rose features a Heat Engine that was developed in part with a major university in Texas. The combination solar thermal system and 5 kW heat engine (the optimum size for a typical home) will generate approximately 1,200 kWh's of electricity each month and store the excess power in the community's Battery Energy Storage system.  The 5 kW heat engine will also generate clean, renewable power with ZERO: 

As ALL of the power and energy required by each homeowner will be generated onsite, through each homeowners Clean Power Generation system, there simply is no need for the electric grid or additional power.

The 196 NZE homes in the Desert Rose community will generate > 100% of its' electricity and energy (hot water) requirements from its' own Solar Cogeneration energy system that features a 5 kW Heat Engine coupled with a Solar Thermal system that produces >150 degree hot water. The heat engine produces practically-free electricity by means of a "temperature differential" between two sources of water with as little as ten degrees difference between each, which provides the energy to produce clean power. 

In recent validation tests with a division of the Department of Energy earlier this year, the manufacturer of the heat engine (in association with the engineering department at a major university in Texas) generated power with only a 10 degree temperature difference between the two water sources - in this case, a bucket of water at 70 degrees, and the other bucket of water at 80 degrees. This 10 degree temperature between the two buckets of water, generated free electricity and powered a light bulb. This same technology will power the homes at the Desert Rose community. 

The Heat Engine selected by Britanny West generates practically-free electricity by means of a temperature differential from two water sources that are planned to have a minimum of 70 degree temperature differential, which means the heat engines will be smaller and more efficient. The temperature of the water coming to the Desert Rose homes from the city of Desert Hot Springs water mains may be as high as 80 degrees in the summer. As the temperature from the solar thermal system on each rooftop will be at least 150 degrees, this means there is more than double the temperature differential required, and as a result the size requirements for the heat engine will be reduced by 50%. 

The heat energy required to produce the renewable energy from the heat engines can be generated from a variety of resources including; flat plate collectors, solar thermal collectors or evacuated tube collectors, all of which generate hot water and all will be mounted on the roof-tops. Geothermal is also a preferred source for providing the heat energy for running the heat engines as is the "waste heat" from boilers, engines, furnaces, gas compression, power plants, turbines and other industrial sources.  Interestingly, Desert Hot Springs is known for its hot springs however, obtaining a permit to tap this energy resource is timely and costly and therefore Britanny West will be selecting the solar thermal energy system for the energy source to run the heat engines.

Phase 1 for the Desert Rose community beginning 2014. Estimated selling price for new Net Zero Energy homes - $350,000.

Electricity costs to the homeowners in Desert Rose DECREASE in Year 11 by approximately 80% when the Solar Cogeneration / Heat Engine systems are paid for with the operations and maintenance expenses of approximately 5 cents/kWh to be charged to the homeowners. Electric utility costs at that time (2024) are expected to exceed 25 cents/kWh. 

For more information on the Desert Rose community of 196 Net Zero Energy homes, call Britanny West at (760) 902 - 2432.

Why "Net Zero Energy Matters

Americans spend more than $400 billion every year for electricity and natural gas for our homes and commercial buildings, consuming more than 70% of all the  electricity used in the United States, which is about 40% of our nation's total energy bill. This also contributes almost 40% of the nation's carbon dioxide emissions.

By standardizing on Net Zero Energy and upgrading existing commercial buildings to Net Zero Energy, the USA increases energy efficiency and reduces the purchases of energy from all sources, both foreign and domestic.

Net Zero Energy Protects your Financial Health

The average family spends $2,200 each year on the power and energy needed for their homes. A Net Zero Energy home can reduce this amount by 80% to 100%.

Net Zero Energy Protects your Health and the Environment

Did you know that buildings (homes and commercial buildings) are responsible for: 

These harmful emissions are generated from the combustion of fossil fuels, which cause acid rain, haze, smog and cause breathing/respiratory problems for thousands of people. By increasing the energy efficiency of our country's homes and commercial buildings, we reduce these harmful emissions while reducing our monthly utility and transportation expenses. Imagine, never again receiving a monthly bill from your electric power or natural gas utility company!  Having a Net Zero Energy home or business can do that, or provide the option to "cut the cord" to the electric company in the future. 

Every new Net Zero Energy home or commercial building helps our country reduce (energy-related) greenhouse gas emissions. There is a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels of 17% by 2020.

Net Zero Energy Protects America's Economy and Leads to Energy Independence

The USA is still dependent on foreign oil.  Each day, the USA shifts the wealth of Americans, to foreign countries and foreign jobs.  With oil at $100/bbl, Americans send about $1.3 billion for the foreign oil we buy which adds up to almost $1/2 trillion every year. And that's also costing America thousands of jobs.
Net Zero Energy will help America become energy independent, create thousands of jobs in the USA and reduce our dependence on foreign oil from insecure sources and from countries that do not agree with our country's leadership or policies.

Building (and upgrading) homes and commercial buildings to Net Zero Energy with less reduces the problems relating to an old, inefficient electric power grid. Increased Net Zero Energy homes and commercial buildings also saves the need for building new central power plants running on fossil fuels, that are still highly inefficient at no more than 50% efficient. 

What does a Net Zero Energy home or building look like?

Net Zero Energy homes and commercial buildings can look like any other residential home, hospital, school or commercial office building, they do NOT have to be ugly or modern in appearance to be Net Zero Energy

And, your present home or commercial building can be updated to Net Zero Energy.








Austin, Texas


Architects and Engineers

Buildings of the Future  *  Energy Master Planning  Solar Cogeneration  Solar Thermal Systems


The U.S. Army Supports Net Zero Energy

The US Army announced (April 19, 2012) the locations for 8 new Army facilities that will be pilot Net Zero Energy installations. As part of the Army’s overall effort to conserve resources, net zero energy installations will consume only as much energy (as well as water - "Net Zero Water") - as they produce and eliminate solid waste to landfills.

The announcement initiates the programmatic environmental analysis and planning process for the Army’s Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Water Installation Strategy. 

The U.S. Army has identified 6 new Net Zero Energy pilot installations that will be built as Net Zero Energy facilities plus 2 other installations that will be Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Water - all to be built and online by 2020. 

The U.S. Army's definition of "net zero energy" is similar to that of the industry, which is a home, building or facility "generates  as much energy on site as it uses, over the course of a year." 

The Army’s pilot net zero energy installations are located at the following U.S. Army's installations:

Additionally, the Oregon Army National Guard volunteered to pilot a unique as well as challenging Net Zero Energy Initiative, which includes all of their installations across the state. Their strategy will be included in the environmental analysis.

What is a Net Zero Energy Building sm

A Net Zero Energy Building sm produces as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. 

A Net Zero Energy Building sm is very energy efficient. The remaining low energy needs are typically met with on-site renewable energy. 

First of all, understand that there is no such thing as a "zero energy building!" EVERY building uses energy, or you may as well be in a cave!  

The important considerations are, 

1.  How efficient is the building?  

2.  How much energy does the building use, and how efficiently is it used?  

3.  How much renewable energy and clean power is generated by the buildings' own onsite renewable energy system?

4.  What are the utility company's prices for the excess power generated and sent to the grid?

5.  How difficult is it to interconnect the renewable energy system of the building with the utility company's powerlines/electric grid?

At the heart of a Net Zero Energy Building sm is the idea that any building can meet its energy requirements from low-cost, locally available, nonpolluting, renewable sources, like Solar Trigenerationsm Energy Systems. Solar Trigenerationsm Energy Systems are the idea whose time has come, to make Net Zero Energy Building sm commonplace.

Solar Trigenerationsm Energy Systems Provide All of the Cooling, Heating & Power, for Any Size Building, with only the Energy of the Sun. Solar Trigenerationsm Energy Systems Provide Simultaneous  Cooling, Heating & Power whether it is 12 Noon, or 12 Midnight,  and WITHOUT having to rely on the electric grid!

The Department of Energy developed the Commercial Building Initiative (CBI) and is pursuing the goal of marketable Net Zero Energy Building through research and partnerships. 

The DOE's CBI has developed tools and resources to help the commercial buildings industry improve energy efficiency at various levels of energy savings.

Graphic image showing an arrow going left to right, with the point at the right. To the right of the point, the text reads, 'Goal by 2025: marketable net-zero energy buildings.' Four points on the arrow are indicated with black lines and text below each line. Moving left to right, the text reads: 1. Base Scenario: Current commercial building codes and standards. 2. 30% Energy Savings: Advanced Energy Design Guides 3. 50% Energy Savings: Commercial Building Energy Alliances and High Performance Buildings Database 4. 100% Marketable Net-Zero Energy Building: Definitions and Net-Zero Energy Database


No cost, no-obligation estimates for installing Solar Cogeneration energy systems 
(Rooftop PV + Solar Thermal System) 
or upgrading your commercial building to a Net Zero Energy building
if you are located in: Austin to San Antonio Texas (Central Texas) 
or Palm Springs, California (Coachella Valley)

About us

The founder of the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) was first involved in Net Zero Energy buildings and Solar Trigeneration sm energy system in 2001 - 2002.  This started with family-owned real estate developments in Northern and Southern California.  This interest was accelerated when REI's founder was introduced to the President of a solar company in Los Angeles and their client, the Audubon Nature Center at Deb's Park (Los Angeles) that was planning to build a new 5,000 sf office and conference center. Except, the new building for the Audubon Nature Center was about 1/2 mile from the end of the power lines and a very costly extension of the power lines to their new facility forced them to consider a solar solution. When the Audubon Nature Center's new 5,000 sf office and conference center was completed in 2003, the facility not only featured the Solar Trigeneration sm energy system - they were awarded one of the first Platinum LEED Awards by the USGBC - and the powerlines were still 1/2 mile away! To this day, 100% of the power and energy for the Audubon Nature Center's building is supplied by the Solar Trigeneration sm energy system - whether at 12 noon, or 12 midnite.  (The Audubon's facility also includes a battery energy storage system for back-up power generated by the Rooftop PV panels as well as a thermal energy storage system that stores the excess hot water generated by the evacuated tube collectors).

These early projects led to more client inquiries and engagements with real estate developers, architects and building owners in Southern California, Louisiana and Texas and the advent of a growing Net Zero Energy industry along with Solar Cogeneration sm  & Solar Trigeneration sm energy systems. This culminated in a family-owned 200 (Net Zero Energy) home real estate development in Desert Hot Springs which has been approved but not yet constructed. 

During this time, the REI's Founder became a volunteer and Advisor to the University of Texas' Solar Decathlon Competition. He coordinated the donation of the same solar thermal system used at the Audubon Nature Center's facility in Los Angeles, for UT's entry in the 2002 Solar Decathlon Competition in Washington, D.C.  UT's entry in the Solar Decathlon Competition placed 1st in the domestic hot water competition that year (2002) and 4th overall, out of 20 universities that had entered. 

In 2006, after Hurricane Kattrina devastated New Orleans, the REI was formed and several of the REI's board members and a Professor from the University of Texas School of Architecture formed a design team to enter the Brad Pitt/Global Green Rebuild New Orleans Competition.  Our entry also focused on sustainable building solutions and materials as well as the Net Zero Energy concepts, incorporating once again, a Solar Trigeneration sm energy system. 

Today, the REI "Flagship" has chartered the Renewable Energy Institute in Florida, with discussions to open REI state chapters in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Minnesota and Oregon. 

The REI supports greater use of Net Zero Energy systems by architects, builders, homeowners and owners of commercial buildings. This includes "upgrading" homes and commercial buildings to Net Zero Energy.  The REI provides Net Zero Energy; advertising, business development, conferences, e-commerce, education, marketing, online marketing, public relations, renewable energy, sales and strategic marketing solutions for architects, builders, cities, colleges, HVAC contractors, Net Zero Energy developers, real estate developers and universities.

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